Bring your ideas to life in our campus Innovation Lab, where a virtual reality center, coding and robotics software suites, and a bank of 3-D printers allow you to imagine, design, engineer, and build—often as part of automotive, robotics, and fashion design competitions.
Technology-rich resources at St. Timothy’s School have elevated teaching, particularly in science and mathematics. From building robots to genetic testing, to better understand what science at St. Timothy’s looks like today requires an entirely new vocabulary, one with iPads, interactive boards and Pasco data collectors and simulators. Even in the humanities, technology is a driving force for innovation, where teachers use SMART software and Epson Interactive technology to conduct a close reading of complicated texts with their students.

In science, applications convert data into tables and graphs, essentially calculating the math that will help students to find the relationship between two variables or the slope of a line, for instance. The interactive board provides a gateway into a world of learning previously unknown. Students can take notes for later reference and are therefore able to better focus on content during class time.